Alliance Ventures closely monitors the Mobility innovation ecosystem – New Mobility


Alliance Ventures focuses its strategic investments over 5 Innovation Territories which have been closely tracked since 2018:
• New Mobility
• Autonomous Driving
• Electric Vehicle, Cleantech & Energy
• Connected Services
• Enterprise 2.0


We would like to share our vision and analysis of each Innovation Territory, starting with New Mobility in which we categorized Mobility Services, Goods Delivery, Mobility Marketplace Providers, MaaS Platforms, Fleet Ops. SaaS solutions and more. The results presented below have been found from our internal data, monitored from 2018 to 2021.
Investments in New Mobility startups have been increasing over the past few years, reaching a total of appr. $45B from January 2018 up to June 2021. Within this ecosystem, startups from the United States (29%) and China (23%) are concentrating over half the global amount raised. The Singaporean Grab and Indonesian Gojek ride hailing, and delivery platforms have allowed the rest of the world to also feature great successes, respectively raising appr. $4.8B and $3B over this period.
While China has the largest median raised money per New Mobility startup, Europe and North America benefit from a deep market of startups that have raised money in smaller average amounts.
We observed an interesting trend in the distribution of the series over the period. If Seed and Series A and Series B led by far the total amount of fundraising rounds over the first semester of 2018 (67 and 52 respectively vs 13 for Series C+), this distribution is today much more balanced with 26 Series C+, 23 Series A and B and 15 Seed over the first semester of 2021.
When we take an even closer look within New Mobility which sub-categories get the largest focus, we found out that startups in Mobility Services (61% in amount raised), Goods Delivery Services (20%) and Mobility Marketplace Providers (19%) have raised the most money. Goods delivery rise has been especially spectacular since the beginning of covid, going from appr. $1B raised over the first semester of 2020 to over $5B during 2021’s first semester.
Included in these amounts are some major success stories like the US delivery startup goPuff that raised an exceptional $1.15B over its 2021 Series G, the Chinese app-based transportation service Didi that raised $1B in Seed in 2020 and $600M in Series B in 2021, and the German e-commerce and transportation company Flixbus that raised a 2019 Series F of $560M.

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